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Hypno-band™ Weight Loss System available at Liz Hogon Hypnotherapy in Burwood East, Melbourne, Victoria

Easy, painless and effective weight loss normally achieved with surgery and now available simply using the incredible power of your mind!

So... what is involved in the Hypno-Band™?

The HypnoBand™ is a proven, no surgery gastric band procedure using the power of your sub-conscious mind to bring about hypno weight loss available in Melbourne.

This successful process will bring you the weight loss you so desire. It provides all the benefits of a gastric band but is a no surgery gastric band available at a fraction of the price to help you achieve the weight loss you desire.

Hypno Weight loss works by harnessing the power of your sub-conscious mind and can give you the same results as gastric band surgery but without the scars! The only thing you have to lose is that excess weight.
A gastric band is an adjustable band (also known as a Lap-Band or Stomach Band) that is placed around the top portion of the stomach, via keyhole surgery, in order to treat obesity. The gastric band is however not an easy option for obesity sufferers due to the surgery involved.  It is a drastic step, and carries the usual pain and risks of any major abdominal surgery.

With the HypnoBand™ you can have the same results but without the risk or astronomical cost of surgery.

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Hypno-Band FAQ

Hypnoband weightloss

What happens with the HypnoBand™ process?

  • Free Initial Consultation

I invite you to make an appointment for an obligation free 60 minute initial consultation. There is no charge for this session. 

Full details of your medical history are taken. You are given a detailed description of the Hypno-Band™ procedure and I ensure that you are fully informed about the no-surgery gastric band and have provided you with all important information about the process. This also allows me to determine if you are suitable for the process.

  • Session 1

We start immediately on painlessly changing the emotional drivers behind your eating habits. At the end of the session you will already be feeling entirely different around food! The next step in the session will involve some hypnosis relaxation to release any negative emotions and build your morale and confidence so you are set to begin this new chapter of your life.

You will also be given the first of two short audio CDs to listen to. This deeply relaxing recording helps prepare your mind to welcome the changes you are making, effortlessly and easily.

Most clients start to lose weight after this session!  It is not uncommon for them to have lost between one and 3 kg between the first and second session.

  • Session 2

This session will continue to focus on removing any remaining negative, repressed emotions that you have around food and over-eating. There will also be time for your clinical consultation where you will meet your surgeon and hospital theatre team.  The session will also include lots of positive suggestion and all the mental preparation for your forthcoming procedure. You can feel your excitement rising as your Hypno-Band™ procedure date comes closer.

Also in this session we will be using hypnosis to ensure that you have the feeling that your stomach is gradually shrinking to the size of a golf ball.

  • Session 3

The HypnoBand™ surgery day has arrived.  Firstly in this session we check on your progress.  Then you can just lie back and relax. Using the power of deep hypno-suggestion your subconscious mind will fully experience your gastric band insertion but without any discomfort or post-operation wooziness.  

After having the hypnoband procedure you will awaken refreshed and energised, excited that you have now reduced the size of your stomach to the size of a golf ball.  From now on you feel wonderfully full after only eating smaller portions of nutritious food.

You will also be given the second audio CD to listen to. This deeply relaxing recording will help your sub-conscious mind reinforce the amazing changes you have made to your appetite and your stomach capacity now that you have successfully completed your HypnoBand™ procedure. 

  • Session 4

Session 4 is a session using a marvellous hypnosis technique called Ultra-Height. I am an experienced practitioner in the use of this technique and I believe that this session will assist you to fully clear and eliminate remaining unwanted eating habits from your past. You are now in control of food and not the other way around!

  • Session 5

This session is recommended to ensure you are fully enjoying all the benefits of your HypnoBand™ and is also an opportunity for positive suggestion and continuing to build your morale and confidence. We discuss your progress in detail and, if necessary, adjustments can be made to your band.

During the period between sessions 3 and 5 I will be contacting you regularly to monitor your progress.  This also allows you to talk through any concerns you may have.  You are fully supported at all times by me - I am with you every step of the way.

Most clients are perfectly happy with the original setting of their HypnoBand™. It simply stays in place until you have achieved your ideal target weight and remains there to assist you in continuing to maintain your ideal weight.  So, although not necessary for all clients, some may find they want an adjustment to their band.

Listening to the post-op CD ensures that the fantastic changes are reinforced on a regular basis.

Once you have completed your sessions with me you are still not alone. I have email contact with you every week so you continue to feel supported as you work your way towards your goal weight.

At my weight loss clinic I offer a free consultation for you to meet me and decide if I am the right person to help you and also to answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine!  Call me on 0409 254 500 to book an appointment.

If I’m with a client you can leave a confidential message on my voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email me at liz@lizhogon.com



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