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Welcome to Liz Hogan Hypnotherapy

If you are experiencing weight problems, fears or phobias that no amount of positive thinking will get rid of then read on. Perhaps you want to stop smoking but the thought of all those cravings terrifies you. Maybe you're suffering with an addiction but don't really know where to go for help to address the real reason why you have this problem. It could be you are lacking confidence or have low self-esteem and it's holding you back in your personal relationships or chosen career.

ypnotherapy can help you with all these issues and more. There are also many other very effective therapies that I'm trained in that will also allow you to achieve excellent results... often in a spectacularly short time... to help you move on in your life. Don't waste any more time feeling miserable!

Treatment for your problems is the very best investment you can make in yourself. It's time now to let these issues go and most of them can be resolved permanently without having to go through years and years of exhausting therapy.

So if you're ready to:

  • throw that latest fad diet book in the bin, stop the yo-yo dieting and get serious about losing weight permanently
  • consider the successful hypnotherapy gastric band (Hypno Band) rather than go through very risky surgery to treat your emotional obesity
  • had the gastric band fitted but needing effective help with the emotional cravings you are still experiencing
  • stop smoking in one session... it's easy when you change your belief system
  • feel much more confident and better about yourself
  • get rid of that fear or phobia and start to really enjoy your life
  • sort out that lack of libido
  • get those stress levels under control so you can actually sleep at night

 ... then call me now.

We can arrange for you to come in for a free initial consultation to discuss the different therapies that are available and decide what the best way forward is for you. There is no obligation on your part to proceed. I offer out of hours appointments if getting to my clinic during the day is a problem.


Call me now for your free consultation on

Telephone: 0409 254 500

Email: liz@lizhogon.com

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1A Tainton Road
Burwood East
Melbourne 3151

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