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Stop Smoking Easily with Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy at Liz Hogon Hypnotherapy in Burwood East Melbourne.


Stop Smoking


'Help me stop smoking' I hear you say...

Most people who come to me arrive having tried virtually every other method available to quit smoking. Since the respected publication 'New Scientist' (vol 136 issue 1845) reported that statistically hypnosis was shown to be the most effective way to stop smoking, it still surprises me that hypnotherapy is so often used as a last resort.

You must really want to quit for the stop smoking hypnosis to work. If there's pressure from others for you to stop, but you don't want to, then please don't call me now. Let them nag a while longer (you've coped with it up til now!) and leave it until you're really ready.

Most people who are thinking about how to quit smoking would love to stop but worry about the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Over-eating and putting on weight. Being cranky and irritable... oh, those mood swings! They also believe that it's going to be really difficult. If they go about it the wrong way it certainly will be!

The technique I use ensures that none of these occur (and everyone around you will be eternally grateful!). My stop smoking hypnotherapy technique ensures that after just one session using psychology, suggestion therapy and hypnosis, you can easily stop, never wanting another fag again!

The main reason you'll find it so easy to stop smoking when you come to see me is because I free you from the belief that you are addicted to nicotine - in fact I will prove to you that you are not addicted at all. I will also prove to you that one of the main reasons why you have not been able to stop smoking in the past is simply because it hasn't been worth it as you weren't getting any immediate and tangible benefits.  Sounds crazy, doesn't it, but it's absolutely true.

The reason why my hypnosis to stop smoking programme has proven to be so successful is because you receive immediate rewards for your efforts - it's totally worth it!

Most of my clients have been recommendations because this stop smoking therapy is so successful. As long as you are truly committed to quitting you'll find the help to stop smoking I use will allow you to easily and effortlessly break the habit once and for all.  You'll be glad you did.

If you are ready now to kick the habit and stop smoking easily either

call me on 0409 254 500

or email me at liz@lizhogon.com

Stop Smoking Session - $395 Cash payment only.

stop smoking easily


Dear Liz

So... I haven't smoked since I saw you last... don't want to at all, it's like it's not/never been part of my life... a few very easily managable twinges. Really easy... I'm not even eating shitloads like I thought I would. Can't quite get my head around how it works, but to be honest I don't care as I'm so happy to be rid of this bullshit.

Thanks a million again.

Love C x


Hi Liz

Well I am a non-smoker! Have thought about cigarettes a few times but it's been purely missing the habit and it's passed in seconds. I have not craved at all... it's quite weird!

Thank you very much - you have made it easy for me.

I know 2 of my friends have made appointments with you already and there's another 5 on their way. They are so impressed with my non-smoking they think you're a magician.

I think some of your success is definitely down to the fact that you are so genuine and make your clients feel so comfortable. It was a pleasure meeting you and I'll be back for my eating issues.

Thanks again & take care


Dear Liz,

I can't thank you enough for stopping my smoking addiction last year.

I still can't believe that after 23 years in which I smoked over 160,000 cigarettes at a cost of over £40,000 you ended my addiction inside 90 minutes! Unquestionably the best money I ever spent!

The truth is I was extremely skeptical about hypnotherapy and if I am honest I only came out of desperation as I had already tried everything else. Even after the hypnotherapy session I told friends I didn't really believe in it!

Yet the following day I found myself confidently saying "I don't smoke anymore" rather than hedging my bets with the usual "I'm trying to give up" and I didn't feel in peril of actually buying cigarettes as "I don't smoke anymore".

I have no problem in pubs and my partner still smokes. I am free of the addiction, saving money and my health has improved thanks to your intervention.

My sincere thanks

Tony Roberts

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