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Depression treated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy at Liz Hogon Hypnotherapy in Burwood East, Melbourne

What is Depression?

Depression could be described as a range of moods, from the low spirits that everybody experiences to something so severe that it interferes with everyday life. The more severe type is often called 'clinical depression'. Research by NIMH estimates that up to 20% of the population will experience it at some time in their lives.

A feeling of 'being down' happens with all of us and this is perfectly normal and natural. When these 'down' feelings persist for long periods and affect our day to day lives it is then known as depression. The signs of depression can be low moods, a loss of interest and pleasure as well as feelings of worthlessness and guilt. They may also find that they have reduced energy, tearfulness, poor concentration, reduced or increased appetite and weight, sleep problems and anxiety. A feeling that life is not worth living can also be experienced.

Depression can affect anyone, of any culture, age or background. About twice as many women as men seek treatment for depression, though this may simply be because women are perhaps more prepared to discuss their problems than men.

Depression is often accompanied by upsetting life events, such as bereavement, relationship difficulties, physical illness, or job and/or money worries. Stress caused by physical illness, family problems or other upsetting life events can all contribute to depression surfacing. It is often also accompanied by anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia and generalised anxiety disorder.

There has been a suggestion that depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Whilst this may be possible in some cases it is worth considering that depression has increased ten-fold over the last half century and it seems unlikely that our brain chemistry has also changed to that degree. This would suggest that the root cause of depression is likely to be something else.

DepressionTalking therapies are often sought for depression help - unfortunately they are rarely able to resolve depression permanently despite the treatment often lasting many years and costing thousands of dollars.

There are other techniques available that are very effective in considerably reducing the symptoms of depression and in many cases resolving it completely.

I offer a free consultation for you to meet me and decide if I am the right person to help you with depression treatments and also to answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine!  Call me on 0409 254 500 to book an appointment.

If I’m with a client you can leave a confidential message on my voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email me at liz@lizhogon.com



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