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Hypno-band™ Weight Loss System in Burwood East, Melbourne, Victoria

Easy, painless and effective weight loss normally achieved with surgery and now available simply using the incredible power of your mind!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Your Questions Answered

Questions about the Hypno-Band™ Weight Loss Process now available at Liz Hogon Hypnotherapy in Burwood East, Melbourne.

Weightloss Hypnoband

What is the Hypno-Band™ treatment?

The Hypno-Band™ treatment is a series of sessions (usually 5) where we work with you to explore and change your eating habits.  During the first session we take a full medical and dietary history and introduce you to hypnosis allowing you to experience wonderful feelings of relaxation and calm.  In one of the later sessions we fit your Virtual Gastric Band.  Clients usually start losing weight after the first session.  For a full description of the process click here.

Are there any side effects?

Absolutely not!  It is a very relaxing and pleasurable experience that does not hurt in any way.  There is no surgery or pain.

Is the Hypno-Band™ safe?

Yes, it is completely safe.  The whole process is very relaxing and there are no side effects.

How do I know if the Hypno-Band™ is suitable for me?

Check your BMI (click here) and if you are really overweight then the process should be suitable for you.  Exceptions would be if you have physiological issues causing your weight problems or you are currently taking certain medications.  This will all be discussed with you at the free initial consultation.

Will I lose control with hypnosis?

No!  Hypnosis is a very natural state that you drift in and out of all day.  You are always in total control.  The only thing you will experience is a wonderful sense of relaxation and calm.

Is the procedure guaranteed?

There are no guarantees with any form of therapy.  If you were to go through an actual surgical procedure the surgeon would not be able to guarantee the success of his work.  You hold the key to the outcome of this process.  If you are not 100% fully committed then you will be wasting your time and money.  For successful and permanent weight loss to occur you have to eat less and be prepared to change your life-style – this system helps you make those changes easily.  If you are totally serious about losing weight then the Hypno-Band™ will work for you – it has a very high success rate with long term results.

What are the benefits of the Hypno-Band™?

  • No invasive surgery
  • No complications
  • No time off work with complications
  • Very cost effective – a fraction of the cost of surgery
  • Emotional issues are addressed and resolved
  • All the benefits of surgery without the dangers
  • No fears of the treatment
  • No scars

What is the cost?

$650 payable at the commencement of your therapy. This is a saving of thousands on the cost of an actual gastric band procedure and there is no need to take time off work!

At my weight loss clinic I offer a free consultation for you to meet me and decide if I am the right person to help you and also to answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine!  Call me on 0409 254 500 to book an appointment.

If I’m with a client you can leave a confidential message on my voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can email me at liz@lizhogon.com




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